If you’re looking to sell your home, you can have just as much success in the winter as you can in the warmer months of the year. One of the huge advantages to selling your home during this time frame is that since it isn’t peak season, the competitionis less intense. This can be a huge advantage for sellers. Here are some simple tips for successfully selling your home in the winter.


1. Don’t undervalue your home


The market isn’t as competitive in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to make a decent sale. While the market changes during this time, statistics actually show that homes sell for more during the winter months. Your home doesn’t need to be priced lower just because it’s the off-season.


2. Give extra attention to price listing


As you’re figuring out the right price point, look at homes that have closed in the past 30 days to get a good idea of how much you should ask. This way, your home can be priced to sell much more quickly. You can research home prices online. 


3. Adjust your indoor staging


The holiday season and decorating that accompanies it gives you a chance to increase the lighting in your home. This can help eliminate shadows and make it feel more spacious. Do what you can to make it feel cozier without having too many distracting decorations or objects that reduce the feeling of space in the room. Go minimalist with your decorations, but still add some touches to brighten up your home. 


It’s also a good idea to clean out as much clutter as possible before showing your home. You can get a headstart on packing and then store these extra items in a storage unit while your home is for sale. Consider hiring professional packers for the job. You can research and compare packing companies online. 


4. Remember curb appeal


The winter season brings freezing weather, snow, and ice. Sometimes, these can reduce the curb appeal of a home. Remember to do the small tasks, like cleaning up extra snow or removing dying plants from the garden. You might also consider adding some decoration to the entryway, like hanging a wreath on the door or making garden boxes that match the colors of the season.


5. Be prepared for holiday access


According to Realtor.com, winter buyers tend to be serious. It’s important to take advantage of every showing that might be available. Consider setting aside a couple of specific days for showings. You might also take a little time for a winter vacation or visit family so your agent or buyers can access the home.


6. Keep things warm


Many homeowners tend to turn the temperature down when they go to work or are away from the home. However, a chilly home is the last thing you want to present to potential buyers. The cold can turn them off and give them the false impression that your house is drafty. Keep the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature, preferably the one you typically keep when you’re at home. 


7. Improve natural lighting


With the sun going down earlier in the evening and fewer overall hours of sunlight, experts recommend that you open the blinds and let light in from all possible areas to give your home a roomy feeling and make it more comfortable. This can also boost the heating efficiency in your home.



Some reports have shown that winter-listed homes are more likely to sell than those sold in other seasons, such as late spring and summer. This is a golden opportunity for you. As long as you stage your home appropriately and keep it warm, you can sell your house for the optimal price.