One of the things I most like to do at BNI is meeting with each member to get to know their business and a little about them personally. Jim Martin joined our illustrious Riverside BNI chapter a few weeks ago and met him at the Crow's nest for breakfast.

On a personal level, I can't see how anyone could dislike the laid back, smiling demeanor of this creative professional. It turns out that Jim and I had many, many friends and acquaintances in common as well as avocations including sailing and travel. We're kindred spirits on the creative level as well.  

Jim at the helm of the Amistad, a boat and organization he is so passionate about. 

I discussed with him his business principles and his approach to design adn architecture and learned that and much more. Jim felt it was the right time to take a new look at the way owners; designers and builders approach potential new projects. It’s no surprise to anyone that everyone is holding on to his or her budgets more tightly than we’ve seen for decades. And yet, we all want to continue to move forward with the ever-growing deferred maintenance and renovation projects.

One of Jim's sensitive historic restoration projects located in Essex

To accomplish this, JRM Architecture has developed a new way to structure A/E design and construction teams that works better for all of us in this challenged economy.

Essentially, Jim has cut most of overhead costs and is able to pass the cost reductions along to clients. He has created an alliance of professionals, combining some of the most talented and seasoned professionals in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. They offer complete Architectural and Engineering services including feasibility studies large and small, schematic budget estimates, construction documents and construction administration, as well as specialty services such as program space planning, laboratory space planning, planning and research for project financial funding, historic planning and preservation, LEED planning and certification fulfillment documentation.

Because of this “no overhead” structure, they are able to take on small renovation projects and additions to the large academic and commercial projects for which the team have become known.

Being idle is not an option to stay competitive.  The JRM Architecture | Interiors | Planning team would be happy to discuss their qualifications and discuss any project you may have to help you find ways to move ahead, despite a tight budget.


Jim at Essex's Town Hall Auditorium at a weekly Riverside BNI Meeting


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