I love all things green and renewable. Sustainability is not just a word but must be a way of life if we are to leave a planet for our grandchildren and their children like we've enjoyed. I also love convenience and technology. I'm super busy as a the leader of a team of REALTORs who serve the CT Shoreline and Lower CT River Valley. So both time and money are precious to me. 

I needed my 2010 Prius detailed in the worst way. I like a spiffy car for my own psyche and as well as for the comfort and enjoyment of clients I take to homes. Bringing my vehicle to a detailer requires my driving to the detailing venue twice and with a friend or my wife to get me there and back. The detailing company I had been using has raised prices beyond what I feel is a good value for me so discovering Marco and Diego and their new mobile detailing service was a big win-win-win. 


Being mobile they can do this service wherever  I am. In this case, I had scheduled Marco and Diego to come to my home in the afternoon one day last week. I had been visiting a friend just home from the hospital and was helping her update her Mac, iPhone, and iPad the new iCloud system and realized I wasn't going to make it home in time for my detailing appointment. No problem. I texted Diego a new address and he came to Essex home I was visiting instead. Convenience and great service from polite and competent detailers are just the start. 



Green Steam uses steam to do the job as you might guess. Other detailers are using gallons and gallons of water to wash each and every car. Some car washes recycle water and frankly don't like the smell of it in many cases. In automatic washes the car suffers the minor surface abrasions from the equipment. Steam lines up with my sensibilities. 


Green Steam uses steam to wash and clean both the cars exterior and interior.  Steam is completely safe on auto surfaces.  Moreover, steam has sanitizing and deodorizing effects of low water use is eco-friendly.



It takes very little water, less than 1 gallon per vehicle on average, and it does not cause any wastewater run-off.  Steam's washing power is truly amazing.  You will be astonished to see what it can achieve without any chemicals. Green Steam provides customers with three services:  exterior car washing, interior cleaning & disinfection, and detailing.  While others compete on price alone…Green Steam delivers much more. 



Marco and Diego relocated to the shoreline to build a better life than was available to them in a large city. They chose the beautiful shoreline for obvious reasons with many career aspirations, desires, and an eagerness to succeed. Most complain about the economy and think negatively as a result. This team thinks positively and has had the fortitude to begin a new business in a time where most would run the other way. 


You'll not find a better value or job for the $115 they charge for a complete detail. They leave no mark at the place they do their work and I hope you'll give them a call support the friendly hard working team. Call them today at (860) 304-2798 or (860) 575-5260 to book your onsite Green Steam detail. You'll be delighted!