I love meeting new people and networking with other business professionals. I recently attended a fantastic gathering of business professionals at Planet Hollywood in Times Square hosted by Gotham Networking where I met Ann Lindsay, an image consultant for men. I really enjoyed talking to Ann and learning about what she did in more detail and found out that not only can she advise on how to improve on that all important first impression, she can deliver custom tailored suits that give the appearance of a $3,000 bespoke suit for what about what I paid for my Brooks Brother suit. Certainly Brooks Brothers consistently delivers a quality product with alterations for a good bit, it is far from a custom fit. 



Ann introduced me to J. Hilburn and she put it this way: Picture men’s suiting on a continuum with inexpensive materials, fused construction and low prices on one end, and impossibly expensive, hand sewn, fully canvassed, amazing materials and construction on the other. J. Hilburn has carefully designed a suiting product that comes as close to the end result of bespoke, yet at a fraction of the price.   Suiting is of the best fabrics, and excellent construction techniques, just like designer brands, but going one step further and better than designer – the ability to purchase sizes in 1 inch increments (rather than 2) and 7 areas of customization for every suit. 



Why is this important?  Because nothing says affluence – says I’ve made it, I’m a force to be reckoned with, inspires respect and maybe even a little awe like a monogrammed cuff peeking out of a beautifully fitted jacket of sublime material.  


But J. Hilburn is an end but not the means per se of arriving at the look that will put your best foot forward. Introducing "Style of Success



Founded in 2007 as Ann Lindsay Image Consulting, Ann was determined to start a new career in a creative industry that helped people feel good about themselves.  


A graduate of the prestigious Image Resource Center of New York, Ann also achieved the highest score in the 2007 Association of Image Consultants International annual certification exam. 


As Ann began working with clients she began to see her niche: Divorced middle aged men had no “feminine” resources when it came to clothing, grooming, etiquette and especially date coaching.  Men consistently were needful and appreciative of her help and her practice began to reflect that.  Working with men at her local Brooks Brothers store gave her hands on suiting experience and cemented her desire to work with menswear.  


A complete rebranding as a company dedicated exclusively to the male client occurred in the spring of 2010 culminating with the launching Style of Success website and blog, content rich e-zine and 3 e-books.  It was in the Fall of 2010 where she created a partnership with J Hilburn. 


In 2011 Style of Success joined in a strategic alliance with Vada Image Consulting for Women.  The SOS-Vada team now presents to men and women in the corporate realm – to sales teams, law firms, as well as working with human resource departments in support of employees.  




Call Ann at 203-257-8167. Visit her website to learn more: http://www.sosformen.com/