Doesn't it get your goat having to pay as much as you pay for unlimited 100mpbs at your home from say a provider like Xfinity as it does for a very limited and metered slower service from say AT&T, Verizon, and my least favorite, Exede (formerly Wild Blue), the satellite internet service provider? It sure sends me sideways. 

I was forced to use Wild Blue which later became Exede a few months after I signed on at my investment property that I rent in Lempster, NH. Many tenants insist on free WiFi or they won't book your cottage for their vacation so I was forced to provide a solution for my off-grid waterfront rental.  

My start with then Wild Blue was horrific from the beginning. I placed an order for a slower but higher limited bandwidth of 20gb for $49/mo. with the operator. When no one showed to install as scheduled the operator tried to re-enter my order. Their fault but that made no difference in the end. They discovered the "special" I ordered then was no longer available and no one, I mean no one, would make it right. After failing to get them to do the right thing they said too bad, they no longer offered that plan and forced me into another plan but claimed I'd be happier as it was at  faster speeds. However, it was $10/month more but just 10gb per month, half of their first promise. They told me it would be be more than adequate for simple surfing and email and other such tasks but not streaming. Duh. No metered plan makes sense for streaming video. It's satellite for people off the grid and they take advantage of this fact and really put it to you.

As I used the system while there myself doing normal things for my real estate practice I routinely used that 10gb in less than 2 days and was forced to keep adding 1gb at $10/gb. That seemed not right from the beginning and always fought them on their accuracy. They insisted I was doing more than I claimed and didn't take advantage of their un-metered midnight to 5am unlimited time slots. In any case, at the end of the week just to do normal business I'd end up with $120+ bill! Ouch...that's just a week and NO streaming. They say it's un-metered at night so I would do cloud back ups during those hours they claim it's free and wake up in the AM and checked my account to find it ZERO!! So you call them and they say "sorry" and add a few gb  back. Get the picture? They apologize and say there must have been a "glitch" or some other lame claim and you move on. I stopped using the "free" time to keep from having to wait forever to speak to someone to get some bandwidth back. 

This year I decided to do a test. I started to do my real estate work which includes creating small billboard websites with still photos and a 3 minute or so video clip while my wife would manage her CT Farm Fresh Express Store when we were there prepping the cabin for the rental season. As expected we blew through the 10gb plus 1gb extra in under 2 days. 

I then used my Verizon LTE connection through my iPad and used it as a hot spot. It's ultra fast and much more so than what Exede can deliver. We blew through those 6gb in a day. Just doing business...not watching Netflix or Hulu or other bandwidth consuming practice. Hmmm...why? This makes no sense and also perplexed my visitors who'd call complaining they too were experiencing running out of bandwidth doing little else but casual surfing and email. It's starting to quack like a duck if you get my drift.

Lastly we tested AT&T for data from our iPhones on our shared 20gb per month rollover data plan.  One of my biggest complaints to both Verizon and Exede was why they won't let you carry over unused bandwidth? I paid for it but wasn't there to use it. Seems fair, no? Well AT&T brought back the Cingular roll over minutes plan to data but they only roll over the unused previous 30 days. So as I thought I was building up a nice cached of unused data I quickly discovered they'll go back just to the previous 30 days so they deceive you a bunch in advertising but better than nothing and more than anyone else is doing. While Sprint surely offered the very best plan on paper at $80/mo. unlimited all the way seldom have service, at least where I live and travel, so an unlimited amount of nothing is well, nothing...but I digress. Back to the test: We each connect our phones via Bluetooth as hotspots on my iPhone 6+ and Lizzy's iPhone 5 and worked as we previously described for 12 days straight and only consumed a total of 12.5gb. Amazing, huh? We blow through Exede and Verizon in less than 2 days and yet only 6gb each for 10 days doing the same work. Something is very wrong with Verizon's and Exede's claim of accuracy and I believe the FCC needs to check in on theses corporate thieves. When they find out I am right others will also rise up in anger. They will be fined a pittance compared to earnings with a condition that they admit to no wrong doing, a weak public apology, and life goes on for our fascist public companies who thrive on Wall Street on the expense of every one of us.  

When I called Exede to complain they insist I'm wrong of course and defended their metering to the end. What total bullshit. Ozzie, the tech support guy who was helping me terminate the account and offering me a free 5gb to stay didn't hear one word of my complaint. He kept reading his queue cards putting this on me and kept trying to "keep" me as it's his job.

I didn't care about their trumped-up logs to prove that I was wrong and they were right!  Well, me, the customer, and MY real world experience and that of my many weekly tenants was quite different indeed.  Defend away're always right, not the customer as it used to be in the old days of doing business, and as a result you have an unhappy, pissed off PAST customer writing blogs about the thieving and unjust internet service and poor customer service experiences I have had. Even their automated telephone tree service will disconnect you 99% of the time. I told them about this problem in that after you answer all their questions, type in the numbers, your password, once they say please hold for the next operator it hangs up on you. Days later I had to call again and I experienced the same thing. The ONLY way in is through tech support and even that sometimes hung up on me at that point. I suppose that's just me and my telephone and they're system is showing things are operating normally.  Nothing they do is good from where I sit. Avoid doing business with these people at all costs. 

(BTW: I deliberately have our phones on AT&T and iPad on Verizon so we have coverage virtually everywhere. Both carriers, especially Verizon, brag how they got it covered and they're so wrong. AT&T for us in CT actually is much better for voice where Verizon is a bit better in NH.)

It takes many of us common citizens and customers of corporate giants who are now considered people by the Supreme Court to call out theses thieves in our midst. I believe we are all getting screwed and paying through the nose. Please comment or email me if you experience your bandwidth disappearing faster than you think it should. I'd love to hear from you!