Firstly you haven't seen a blog from me for some time. Not because I've nothing to say or was lazy. Its that I've been working 60-70 hour weeks keeping up with our job of listing and selling homes with a high degree of customer service and dedication. about iPhone 3G!

Yes I was one of those nuts who got in line way early (6:00 am with fellow iPhone lover Carl and Christine Bulgini of Fenwick Mortgage who actually got there at 5:45am and held me a place. We were 7,8, and I got the 9 iPhone 3G 16gb. Its kind of like the Grand Canyon gotta see it!!

Its really not right to call it a phone. Its more like a handheld computer sporting a mini OS X and you can make a call on it. The upgraded hardware now incorporates a GPS chip and the ability to take advantage of ATT's broadband speed 3G network that covers about 85% of the state according to an ATT rep in Clinton. So now its like being connect to a WIFI hotspot to get email and surf the web almost like in front of a full Mac or PC. Email attachments can actually be read and navigated with ease and forwarding to a real world desktop computer is not a problem. Its great when you need to read an time urgent addendum to keep a deal moving forward. In addition to all the things you'd expect in a cellphone, like names, and numbers, calendar and important dates, texting, taking photos and the like, Apple does it with such elegance, simplicity, functionality, and efficiency. iPhone's address book, calendar, Browser are extensions to the same on your PC or Mac. When I respond to an email, the reply I send and that email's status is updated on Apples new push technology servers at which then pushes to my Mac. MobileMe is a wireless sync between a website version of your world, your iPhone and laptop or desktop.

I can keep a huge number of photos on my iPhone and connect via the net or 3G to share my photos posted in my galleries. I was able to show one of our listings not on our buyer's tour right in the car. She like what she saw and booked to see it. The screen is incredible, large because there's no cumbersome hard keyboard to steal valuable real estate and high in brightness and resolution. I am able to show videos, stills, or video podcasts through the iPod which hitches a ride on iPhone. So its an iPod touch too.

Everyone I show this too is blown away. Many ask what's going to happen to RIM's Blackberry? I say their days are numbered unless they unleash one hell of a new piece to compete. Being an ex-Blackberry user, I can say I did like my Blackberry, but now that I've lived with iPhone there is just no comparison. Blackberry's OS and setups are not intuitive, the interface is klugey, and performance lackluster.

The map feature with GPS is wonderful and robust. When a client asks how far away a home is from the beach, I have the phone locate us or enter the address of the house in question and locate the beach with a slick interface or drop a virtual pin on it they have the information with drive time immediately. All on a map, hybrid, or satellite photo like Google would do on any computer.

I am looking forward to the Statewide MLS to begin developing special applications that will give us a more robust interface with the CTMLX database. Applications that will assist in planning the perfect route and suggest the time it would take for each viewing. You can use the free Loopt application so you can know where each of your team members are. The sky's the limit. And its exciting.