Like many people in the world, I have sought the help of a therapist to get through some rough patches in my life. During one of those sessions a therapist handed me a list of the greatest stressors that one can endure in life. At the top of this list was: divorce, marriage, bankruptcy, a change in employment...and yes..buying or selling a home.

I just closed on my 55th home this week looking back just 4 years. Its become quite routine. I am good at it whether I am on the buyer or seller side of the transaction and even when I do both sides. Lawyers and and loan officers do a bunch of transactions too so I imagine it becomes pretty routine in their eyes too.

I represented first time home buyers this last time and as a result of being their first time I got more text messages, emails, and phone calls at all hours 7 days a week from my young couple than I could count. That's to be expected and I really don't mind. I got into the business to do a great job and to make the process fun, smooth, and as stress free as possible. Our experience is what clients really want to tap into although no one really articulates it.

My clients had asked their lender and closing attorney for the amount they needed to get bank check for on the Friday before their Monday closing. They waited all day and called me after hours on that Friday because no one called them with the number before the weekend. They wanted to get the check on Saturday so they would have the stress of doing on Monday, the closing day, due to their heavy schedule that day. The paralegal did get a bank package from the lender and the lender didn't give them an updated good faith estimate, so the stress was on for them Both the lender and the paralegal should have called them at least to let them know they didn't have the info to tell them the exact number.

As my promise to all who work with me is unprecedented access by the text, email, or voice 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm, they were able to reach me and I was able to let them know that they could use the figure on the good faith estimate and bring a personal check for the difference, all was ok and that I would try to reach the lender and/or attorney that weekend to see if I could bring in a better number

I was lucky in that I had after hours contact information for both attorney and lender and was able to get the exact number. But the real point here is that although it was no big deal and not a real problem at all, it was the perception of this buyer that it was a big deal and it stressed them out. So I make a point of being available so no one loses any sleep.

So to my fellow professionals in real estate, law, and lending, try to remember its a big deal for every customer. Sometimes getting an answer before they go to bed that night or go into the weekend will improve their quality of life and ease their stress. Even if you don't have the real answer for them, just knowing you're working on it and explaining things is all that's necessary. I remember how I felt when I bought my first and second home. It was scary and stressful. So I make a point of putting myself in my client's shoes even though my job has become routine.