I am passionate about environmental issues, especially when it comes to cars and new homes. On my list besides a hybrid car to shuttle clients about, is the fabulous Tesla sports car that is totally electric, cool to look at, fast as one could ever want, and the kindest of its kind when it comes to being a carbon neutral car. I searched for new homes in CT that were advertised as green and CT just seems to lag behind some other states. I find a few people carrying the banner, like Barry Katz down in Westport, CT but more people with our mindset needs to step and change their ways.
One of my good builder clients wanted me to participate in a new construction project of 28 homes in a popular shoreline town. I declined as I had enough new construction where the low absorption rate was lower than makes everyone happy. I visited the site (location to remain secret for now) and was bowled over by its beauty. Many acres of wooded and open space amongst 4 delicious ponds beset with native cat of 9 tails, red-winged blackbirds, turkey, deer, hawks, and the like. I simply feel in love with the site. I immediately put doing the first "green" upscale subdivision with an eye on using renewable building materials and solar panels with an eye on making each home 75% more efficient than traditional stick built homes. Wall construction allowing twice or more insulation, recycling of gray water and rain water capture for lawn and garden irrigation, and the like will be incorporated.
A central biological septic system to treat the waste from all homes and a central water system are also planned using solar power to energize these systems where the hope is to sell the excess power back to the grid. This will keep association cost lower as well as the carbon footprint. Many question me as to whether or not people would buy into a neighborhood like this and whether the additional costs to build green can compete amongst the traditional products on the market. I say yes! What are your thoughts. I believe anyone can see that if you're saving upwards of 75% of utility costs to heat, cool, and run a household where the trend for fossil fuels and gas are projected to continually rise...the upcharge for the building cost can be easily justified. You don't have to be a "tree hugger" or environmental activist to see the benefits. You just have to like to breath and care about your children and grandchildren to start and do things to help the global warming that is most definitely showing us the reality with bigger storms, higher floods, and starting to even opponents that its for real.
Please feel free to make your comments and opine on if you think there are buyers for $600K to $900K for energy efficient green homes amongst fabulous surroundings. Custom designs or from our plans or we will design build what you'd like. Imagine a whole community of homes with owners of like minds amongst acres of natural beauty that is close to beaches, shopping and the interstate for easy commuting...but with a rural feeling amongst natural beauty. Its ideal to raise children away from the harmful chemicals found in everything from building materials to lawn chemicals. A place where your family can make for wonderful memories. Look at my links area on my website for a collection of green oriented sites that may be of further interest.