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ImageAmmo: Literally a New Twist on Showing Your Photos

by Mick Marsden


BNI Member Pete McLaughlin & Mary Ellen McQuire of McClaughlin Associates, the go-to place for all your insurance, in Madison learned about my photography and creative skills through BNI and tole me that I should meet Richard Parri, the idea man behind the new ImageAmmo software for consumers and pros alike. They were right, Richard and I hit it off from the start. 


Friendly, smart, creative, Richard's background was in finance. He built a sizable company that he was at the helm of until 49 when a heart attack changed his course. After 16 years being in the slow lane, the notes and diagrams he created during this time in a simple spiral bound book need to finally come to life. 


Rich Parri, the creative genius behind ImageAmmo at his bank of HD flatscreens demonstrating the  product to me. 


During his time away from the corporate world, he visualized a product that would make presenting images to the world in a unique, dramatic, and interactive way.  The concept got off the ground when Rich met up with Logan Chittenden, a developer that could share Rich's vision. With past experience in game development as well as data management programming, together they refined and grew Rich's notes into the visual treat it has become. More importantly for the consumer and pro alike, a Rhesus Monkey could interface with it. Hyperbole, I know, but it's really stupid simple. 



I had interest in learning more on many levels. As a professional photographer I am always looking for new and creative ways to showcase the many homes my River to Shore Group team presents on line. For the occasional wedding or event I shoot I found ways to share the images with my clients in ways so creative it's not just leading edge, I'd have to say it's bleeding edge. 


Richard and Logan have been working tirelessly on this project for about a year.  I met Richard in his Madison, CT home office perched on the 3rd floor of that takes advantage of serene views his waterfront home's offers. I can't see how I'd get tired of working there. When I arrived the banks of large, flat HD screens reminded me of those TV shows and movies with the super-geek behind a keyboards chasing down criminals, Wall Street thieves, terrorists, and the like. It was simply the perfect venue for him to show me the many ways this product could be used. I was wildly excited. 



Given that a photo is worth a thousand words, the best way to get your arms around the product is to visit:


For me the future is clear. Photography clients would receive a personalized "thumb" drive with their photos and ImageAmmo runtime program on it instead of the old DVD's which can travel a whole lot easier. Buyer's of Real Estate will have a great time exploring the photos of any home I publish online in the very near future. It'll be a killer app for my new iPad to say the least. 


Kiosks are a great use for this technology as well. If you want to see an example Rich and Logan's good work and have a great meal to boot (the make the best pomme frites)  go to Cafe Routier on RT in Westbrook ( where a large touch screen is mounted on the wall in the lounge area for customers to interact with. Very cool. 


I'll be writing more on this great technology as it unfolds. I'll certainly be at the front of the line to incorporate this into my real estate marketing, so hey, Rich and Logan, get the pro-application finished will ya?

HERALD: A fabulous Mac Mail Plug-In

by Mick Marsden

Most who know me know my passion for technology in general, but I'm nothing if not THE Apple enthusiast. Yes I have my iPad 3G 64gb coming, own the iPhone, and a fully loaded 17" MacBook Pro. In fact the entire River to Shore Group uses Apple technology to create better marketing materials, maintain better communications, and have more capabilities wherever we are. 


If you're into social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, TweetDeck is the best aggregator I've seen. In addition to making it incredibly easy to make posts to whatever accounts you have ownership of or administrator rights. When a post is made in a channel or column you created on the deck, it will feed that post automatically through Adobe Air which places the message into a neat, small, translucent window in any corner you prefer. Goto to download the software and try it out. It's fabulous to write and post one message that's appropriate for 5 accounts in one click, photos, and more.




Another natural addition to your communications palette is the Mac Mail plug-in known as "Herald" written by Erik Hinterbichler from Mountain View, CA (Where else?). It's simply an elegant solution, beautifully coded, and a must have for someone who want's to be on top of their email.



Since using it I find I can quickly delete the items I'd be deleting when I poured over a long list of unread mail, immediately respond to those items requiring it, and simply check off that I read those that I want to keep that require no response at all, or lastly simply click it off for me to deal with within Mail at a later time. 


It is highly customizable and there is simply nothing I can find wrong with it from either a design or function perspective. Goto: for a free download. You might want to donate some $$ to the author letting him know in green what you think of his fine work. 


If you do use it, please post your comments here so others can read the consensus on this plug-in

Todd Hartt joins Fenwick Mortgage

by Mick Marsden

My entire family and I have been using Fenwick Mortgage in Old Saybrook for our mortgage needs for years. Founded by Carl Bulgini in 2005 right here in Old Saybrook I've recommended his firm to many of my real estate clients who've simply loved the rates, service, and courtesy of Fenwick's staff. Having personal experience with a company you recommend to others goes a lot further than hearsay for sure. 



Todd Hartt, whose just joined the illustrious mortgage team, recently left Edward Jones for an opportunity to work with the best. Todd became acquainted with Fenwick Mortgage through his membership at the Riverside BNI chapter that meets each Tuesday at 7:3o am at Essex Town Hall Auditorium. 


Todd Hart: Mortgage Originator Extaordinaire


I met with Todd a few weeks back to get to know him and his work ethic. Wow. Todd's demeanor and attention to detail makes him well suited as the lead representative for the firm. Todd's got more licenses than a boatload of fishermen, Series 7, 66, life and health insurance licenses, and of course hie holds both a national and state mortgage originator's licenses. His background and experience makes him your best choice for your next mortgage or refi. Todd holds an MBA from SCSU as well. 



Prior to working for Edward Jones in Essex, he has 11 years experience in marketing and sales in the Pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer. 


Todd is a local person who was born and raised in Old Saybrook. He is an avid skier and sailor and has 15 years experience professionally in the marine industry, most of that here in Essex. 


He lives here with his 3 daughters and wife, Nicole. 

The River to Shore Group Uses iPhone App to Assist Buyers

by Mick Marsden

We are known for being experts at using leading edge technology in real estate to best serve our buyers and sellers. It should then come as no surprise to learn that our listings are now iPhone enabled. 

We debated on whether to wait until our branded app would finally available on the App Store but hey, you're in the market now. You'll love how this free app will allow you to stand in front of any of our listings, or any other on the MLS for that fact, and see photos and up-to-the-minute details on the home you're in front of. You can easily see what else is for sale nearby to see how well it's priced and with the touch of your finger you can be talking to us immediately or send us an email with your question or request to see the home. 


Download your free app today! Click the icon below and enter 4255 when prompted. It's that simple.

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