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One of my passions is for the use of renewable energy in everyday life from home to transportation to manufacturing and the like. I am passionate about Green Building as well. Please visit My Easy Green Home. I can't help but plug this site.

I was delighted to find the solar-nation.org site and organization. I encourage you to visit, sign-up and be a voice for finding ways to move away from fossil fuels, the corruption that goes hand-in-hand with it, making the middle-east, Russia, and Venezuela richer, all the while watching our planet grow hotter. Greed is a necessary component of capitalism, however, I am for capitalism with a conscience. Its complicated I guess.

Here's the news from the Solar Nation as they reported on it. For more please visit Solar Nation. Its also one of my links under the Green and Energy category here on the my team website.

Thousands of solar citizens have sent messages to their U.S. representatives to urge support for the House bill that would create tax credits for renewable energy.

Here’s what happened:

Late on February 27th., the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax of 2008 (H.R. 5351). The final vote was 236 - 182 with 11 members of the House not voting, and was largely split along party lines.

In a joint statement, Speaker Pelosi, House Majority Leader Hoyer and sponsor of the bill Rangel said: “The bill extends and expands tax incentives for renewable electricity, energy and fuel, as well as for hybrid cars, and energy efficient homes, buildings, and appliances. It does not add to our deficit, but rather repeals $18 billion in tax subsidies for Big Oil companies. By strengthening our renewable energy sector, the bill will help create the next generation of good-paying, green collar jobs and bring down energy prices in the long term.”

The Bush Administration has already issued a letter indicating that the president will veto a bill that rolls back tax breaks for the oil and gas industry, so all eyes are now on the Senate, to see whether the Finance Committee can find less objectionable sources of revenue.

…but funding will be an issue for the Senate