The Haiti Art Show held on 30 January 2010 at Page Real Estate's Essex Office was a rave success!! Thanks to all of those who came to buy this wonderful art. Jenifer Grant, daughter of the founders of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer located in Deschapelles, Haiti was present to greet everyone who came buy or just to enjoy the art and festivities. Half of the art was sold within the first hour. I'm told by colleague Linda Freedman, the agent whom organized and promulgated the event and spent more hours than anyone else to make sure it was a success, stated that we raised $7,500 at last count.



The art was amazing. I decided to buy the incredible two toned steel drum sculpture that hung above my desk all week before the doors opened. I guess the trumpeting angel called to my. I will consider it a River to Shore donation to the cause. I was torn between the many styles from the varied artists styles that adorned our walls. 


Jenifer Grant will be going to Haiti soon and will bring back more art to have another fund raiser. 100% of the proceeds went to the hospital. Jenifer's generosity is immense. Come meet her at the next event.


The hospital was spared from the horrible quake that left thousands dead and the capital in total ruins and is what has motivated many to help in person or through donations. Post Gazette staff writer Dennis Roddy tells the real story that motivated this event that begins:


DESCHAPELLES, Haiti -- The earth did not quake much, this far north. Instead, the land to the south shook loose its population and the people of Haiti's capital rolled uphill.

By the tens of thousands they fled to the mountains. They changed the face of its bone-poor countryside and tested the mettle of one small hospital.

First came the wounded. Legs crushed, arms broken, bellies punctured, they were loaded into cars and pickup trucks, the famously overloaded "tap-tap" cabs of Port-au-Prince, and driven 70 miles. Some, still bleeding, legs or arms broken, arrived on the backs of motorcycles.

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