I thought the title may get your attention. I’ll explain how the ice cream made it’s way into this article as it played a pivotal part for real! 


This is the first in a series of blogs on eating right, losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off, and the like. So back to the title. I admittedly love to eat. And after marrying the love of my life and feeling content, both she and I added a whole bunch of weight enjoying each other’s company along with too much food! 


Are you one who has battled some weight issues through your life? It really didn’t matter how many times Suzanna, my family doctor, begged me to lose weight each year and the health benefits. I’m sure you’re much the same. But for me after a spine surgery followed by injuring the same, and bi-lateral partial knee replacements, I decided the weight was costing me way too much in pain, a loss of function and lifestyle, and of course why wait for a heart attack to get motivated. 


During my recovery from my knee surgery I decided to get serious. When I started rehab at Gladeview, which was the catapult to my success and recovery, my calorie intake of course was much different than before surgery when I tended to overeat. My diet was controlled there. This helped me take the first steps to get to a goal weight where my therapist there and Doctors have always wanted it to be...


When I came home I lost 5 of the 226 pounds on my 5’ 10” frame. My waist was able to withstand the pressure from a 38 in waist band but I had a huge basketball that hung over. Strain on the back and of course was not helping the new knees get to where I needed  them. 


Each week we bring our grand children to the Moodus ice cream parlor each week. I wasn’t sitting idly by so I was a willing participant in consumption…but this time around I wasn’t grabbing the large hot fudge Sunday but a small cone. The place we visit has a TV on the wall and we would sit and watch Guy Guittieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives which is a show that highlights exception places that make food from scratch. What I was seeing was what I grew up eating. Good food, sourced locally, but everything made from scratch. That was it! I proclaimed us a Scratch House going forward. 


You should know at this juncture that my wife founded and runs a 10 year old farm to home delivery service and for years we’ve only eaten food that was locally sourced. We did by lots of things still from grocery stores like bottled sauces, breads, rolls, pasta, pancake mixes, and the like. But no more! I now bake every loaf of bread, rolls, pasta, and even pancake mix. What I found was its was no more time consuming than what I was doing before. 


Over the next few months I used a fabulous app on my iPhone called Lose-It! I configured the app with my stats and it suggested an amount of calories to help me maintain my portion intake. I made and ate only scratch made local food, choices more high in proteins, and watched my weight drop comfortably and steadily forcing me to buy all new clothes! I reached 186 and have maintained it between 185 and 189 for now 16 months. I’m delighted. I eat great food in satisfying portions and don’t avoid fat, sugar, and food types that have been trendy. Just common sense eating. Mindful eating. Paying attention to everything I put in my mouth. 


There is virtually no fast food in my life…like a stop at 5 Guys…but that’s great fresh ground beef and real potatoes. I won’t do your McDonalds etc. thing…that’s not helpful. 



If I motivated you to even consider it…I’m delighted. I will write more blogs sharing how I can make the best rustic artisan bread in literally 5 minutes with no kneading that is both healthy and cost effective. Easy white loaf bread…this recipe just a 20 minute effort to gain 2 wonderful loafs of white bread from your sandwiches and toast, pasta and more. 


Thanks for reading. Have a happy, healthy day!


Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter on the App Store