Living in a smaller space does not have to put a damper on your home office dreams. You can easily incorporate a modern, practical workspace into any extra space you may have in your home. All it takes is a little more ingenuity to develop a functional home office that still fits into a smaller area inside your home. Need some help getting your creativity flowing? Read through these tips for constructing a smaller home office that’s equal parts chic and serious. 


Customize Office Furniture to Fit Your Small Space 


When you are working with a uniquely small space, standard office furniture just won’t do. Instead of picking up a cookie-cutter desk that doesn’t quite fit your home, why not opt for a custom built-in one instead? Built-ins allow you to have more design and spatial control over your home office furnishings, which means you can fit more workspace into less area. Not ready to tackle a from-scratch built-in desk? You can still add custom style to prefab furniture finds by using a few creative hacks to really make them your own. You can simply combine two smaller pieces of furniture to make a functional work surface that also has some serious style, or you can use paint and new hardware for a complete furniture makeover. 


Help Your Home Office Style Flow with Your Home 


Your new workspace needs to be functional, but it should also fit in with the rest of your home’s decor. Choose your preferred office style that carries on the overall scheme of your home. If our home is decked in boho touches, bring that same aesthetic into your workspace with plenty of plants and whimsical touches. This is especially key if your office will be tucked into an already existing room, but you can still help your new digs stand out. Try using a focus-friendly paint color to add an accent wall to add a smooth transition. Using a dark accent color on a single wall or piece of furniture can also make smaller spaces look much bigger. 


Choose Office Supplies That Are Anything But Basic 


Just because your new office is serious does not mean it has to be boring. Instead of opting for generic supplies, opt for stylish accessories that will really pull together your workspace. Gold-toned paper clips, baskets, and even staplers can give your home office a sophisticated touch. Want to integrate your tech as well? Many modernists swear by MacBooks for added office style, but there are other sleek laptop models if you are not devoted to Apple. A laptop is always a good choice for smaller spaces, but the portability also allows you additional options when you may not want to work from home. 


Consider Moving Outside


A smaller space can hold so much potential, but sometimes it’s hard for homeowners to pull off the office of their dreams. If you really can't afford the space in your home, consider moving your office to the garage or to another space disconnected from your house. One of the great benefits of separating your office space from your house is the ability to focus and be more productive without distractions. When garage space is also at a premium and can't be shared, you still have options. These days, many people opt for outbuildings in the form of sheds or even prefab steel garage spaces as an option for an office.  Not only is this a quick and durable option, but it can also be infinitely less expensive than adding an extension to your home. Just be sure to check with your neighborhood association before adding a new structure. 


You don’t have to see limits when you are looking to incorporate an office into your smaller home. Instead, realize the potential you have to create a unique workspace that gives you a dedicated area to be productive. Planning and creativity are all you really need to put together a smaller home office that will make you want to work from home more often. 


Photo Credit: Pexels