Once all the papers are signed and the moving truck wheels away, you can officially say that you are a homeowner. Well, at least a house-owner. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “A house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a home.” In many ways, this saying rings true today. Even though the house is yours, you still need to make it a home. Here are some things you can do to make this house your own and transform it into your own home.


Give Your New House a Deep Clean


Before you start unloading your boxes and moving your furniture into place, you should consider giving your new house one big clean from top to bottom. Look at it this way: Your home will never be this empty again, which makes right now the right time to give it a deep clean. Scrub the floors and baseboards, wipe down the insides of cabinets, and clean those spaces that will be difficult to reach once you’re completely moved in. Not all houses you move into will be spotless, so at least give it a brisk cleaning to start you off with a clean slate.


Add a Fresh Coat of Paint


Speaking of tasks that are easier done before you’re completely unpacked, painting is another essential activity you should do to make your new house a home. Adding a new coat of paint can transform the mood and dimensions of a room. If your living room feels a bit small, adding a light color can make it feel more spacious. Since the majority of your items are still packed away, you’ll be able to paint more freely and quickly knowing that you won’t get fresh paint on your furniture and personal things. After an afternoon of painting, all you’ll need to do is let each room dry as you start unpacking and moving everything into place.


Decorate to Your Taste


Now that you’ve painted each room to your liking, you can start thinking of other ideas to decorate and make this house a home. Decoration is how you will leave your own stamp on your new home and make each room an extension of your personality. How you decide to decorate is completely up to you, but you should know that you don’t have to burn a hole through in wallet in order to give your home the style you desire. There are plenty of decoration ideas you can find online, and with a little DIY crafting, you can make your own cheap decorative pieces that will wow your friends and family. 


Perform Some Maintenance 


Settling into your new home isn’t all about painting and decorating. There are also several maintenance tasks you should complete to ensure that your new home is in tip-top shape to provide comfort and protection for you and your family, as well as save you some money in the future. Start from the inside out. Check your pipes and make sure there are no signs of leaks when turning on sinks or your shower. Tighten what you can and make sure your water heater is working to your liking. Next, check your HVAC and filters. Once you know everything inside is squared away, you can move to the outdoors and clean out your gutters, touch up your shutters, and repair any fencing that encircles your property.


Change Your Locks


Another important task you need to complete when moving into a new home is changing the locks for your exterior doors. Most realtors will tell you to change your locks immediately, and you should in order to protect your family and things when you’re still adjusting to your new neighborhood and home. You would be surprised how often previous homeowners believe they are entitled to drop by even after they’ve signed the papers and handed over the key. 


It may take a while before you are completely settled in. Remember that it takes love to make a home. The more you put into your new house, the more like a home it will feel to you. 


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com